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Main Control Station 4.5.108
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CyberCafePro Main Control Station 4.5.108 14/10/05 Trial version English
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 98 SE
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT

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Get your cyber cafe up and running

Catalog Team

CyberCafePro is the most powerful, versatile, and cost effective cyber cafe management solution, giving you a perfect balance between features and ease of use.

Security, Pricing, Timing, POS, Chat. Easy install & setup--CCP operates on standard peer-to-peer networks including Wireless LANs (On any Windows OS).

CyberCafePro Internet Cafe Software is designed for owners of cyber & gaming cafes or any other business that needs to control, charge for, and report on the use of computers.

"Terrific software..."

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This software has been my lifeline in running my gaming center. I do not know how I could possibly manage things the way I can with CyberCafePro. It allows me total control of all my client stations right from my main computer, it has a great POS system to simpllify the process of selling stuff to customers, barcode scanning for their accounts, employee administrative has everything I need!

And now with the new version out that allows Insteon controls to be used, I can now control console games like the XBox 360s and PS3s in my shop to sell timecodes and accounts to these users. Awesome.

  • - There is a new version 5.1 that is even better then the 4.X versions!
  • - Progam is always being worked on to add functionality, and improve performance.
  • - Remote management of all my game PCs.
  • - Integrated POS system...customers can order from the PC they are using!
  • - CD Key management to save me alot of money in game license costs as I can buy 10 licenses to be shared across my 43 gaming PCs. On average 6 or 7 are used at a time, and alomost never 10, so this saved me at least $2000 or more!
  • - Insteon power control to control consoles, pool table lights...anything really.
  • - I love the webcam instant capture option for accounts, so all members at the click of a button have their image on record for quick ID. Also great in places that require details for anti-terrorism
  • - employee management
  • - reservations
  • - Centralized profile management so my customers will have their save games, mouse settings, etc. at any computer they go to!
  • - Amazing support....the staff do their very best to help in any problems that come up...and fast too.
  • - I cannot fit all the useful features here...just check it out as CyberCafePro covers your every need.
  • Would like to see various little features put in to help out, but not really a con as often times when you recommend a feature, they add it. I have seen a feature recommended and added within the same week!

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29 Oct 2007

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